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Hermione Granger's World

Hermione is the daughter of two Muggle dentists and a formidible witch even at her tender age. Her best friends include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, and Viktor Krum (who has more than a friendly interest in Hermione) In addition to being intelligent and logical, Hermione has a very strong social conscience and is presently trying to bring protection and equality to house-elves, whether they want it or not. She has recently begun a knitting campaign in order to free the house-elves with her hidden bits of clothing with no success. She has one pet cat named Crookshanks, who is part kneazle and great at spotting suspicious characters.

Some of Hermione's favorite links:

Learn to KnitA site with information about knitting and links to free patterns. More fun than a bag of cockroach clusters!

Cat FanciersA website with information on all things feline and an A-Z of breeds. No kneazles though. :(

SPEW--Coming soon!