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Viktor related and Viktor/Hermione sites:

Home of Stacie's incredible V/Hr fanworks. Her fanfics are a must read!

A terrific Viktor site

A Viktor/Hermione Fanlisting

A Viktor Fanlisting

The Viktor Viktorious Yahoo Group

Sergeant Majorette's site Check out her fics. There is much Viktor goodness there!

The HMS Viktory The V/Hr thread at FAP. Come by and enjoy the fun.

The L.O.F.F. The Viktor thread for Lovers of the Friendly Foreigner

Other Harry Potter Related Sites

Contra Veritas The biggest Draco/Hermione site on the web, where I have many fanworks archived.

The Leaky Cauldron A great site for all Harry Potter related news!

Fiction Alley Fanfic! All ships! All sizes!