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Viktor Krum:

When we first meet Viktor in Goblet of Fire he is in his final year at Durmstrang and is already a Quidditch genius and the hero of the latest Quidditch World Cup. Viktor is often a man of few words, when we get to meet him again at Hogwarts. He is the Durmstang Champion for the Triwizard Tournament, but he is never impressed by those who try to flatter or flock to him as a result of his fame. He seems quite often shy, and it takes him some time to work up the courage to talk to Hermione in the library before he asks her to the Yule Ball. Around Hermione we see a far more relaxed and talkative Viktor. She seems to be the only person that Viktor knows is a true friend, instead of someone impressed by his fame, and by the time of the second task Hermione is the thing Viktor would miss the most. He also tells her that he likes Hogwarts much better than Durmstrang.

After Viktor returns home, we discover that he and Hermione are still writing faithfully to each other during her fifth year. In fact, Hermione is writing quite lengthy letters to Viktor and is even shown quoting his words to Harry and Ron. He is a person whose opinion and word she obviously respects, as he has shown her that not all Durmstrang students are the practicioners of The Dark Arts that she once took them for. Whatever the status of their relationship is or will be, Viktor is someone who has proved worthy of Hermione's admiration; and he's not afraid to admit even his weaknesses to her.

Viktor's Favorite Websites:

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